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Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission was constituted on 31.03.1999 under the A.P. Electricity Reform Act, 1998. Since its inception, the APERC has taken several initiatives to improve the functionality of the Power Sector in the state of AP to make it viable and more importantly to protect the interests of the consumers. The commission issued Licenses to the APTRANSCO, the four Distribution Companies and the nine Rural Electric Cooperatives in the state. Six Tariff Orders have been issued. These (including the order of 2005-06 in Telugu language) can be accessed through Orderson the Home page. Several path breaking documents have been formulated and released relating to the performance of the Licensees and protection of the interests of the consumers viz., Customer’s right to information, Licensee's complaint handling procedure, the grid code, Guidelines for Investment proposals, Load Forecasting and Power Procurement procedure, Merit Order Dispatch and Long Term tariff Principles (LTTP) etc.

Consequent to the enactment of the Electricity Act 2003, the Commission formulated and notified a number of Regulations on important aspects of Supply of Electricity to the consumers. These Regulations can be accessed in Commission has facilitated competition in Power sector by notifying regulations on Terms and Conditions of Open Access (u/s 42) and is in the process of notifying regulations for Trading in Electricity (u/s 52).Commission is also contemplating to introduce Availability Based Tariff (ABT) at the state level from 2006-07 onwards as required in the National Electricity Policy notified by Government of India.

The Commission is also set to introduce Multiyear tariff regime from 2006-07 onwards so as to ensure Regulatory Certainty and to improve the financial and operational efficiency of the Distribution Licensees. 

The Website is part of the endeavors of the Commission to usher in and function in an environment of transparency in its operations. Suggestions for improvement of the website are welcome.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh have constituted The Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission on 31.03.1999, an autonomous statutory Electricity Regulatory Commission, to balance the interest of all the stake holders in the electricity industry and to promote healthy growth of the power sector in the State. Consequent to the creation of The Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission, the State is divested of its regulatory functions. However, the State Government shall have the power to issue policy directions and over all planning and co-ordination on the matters concerning electricity in the State. The Commission shall act as the body which issues and enforces licences for transmission and distribution of electrical energy in the State and strives for optimisation of costs and improvement in consumer service by promoting competition. The Commission also prescribes standards of performance for the licensees and would gather information periodically to ensure compliance to the prescribed standards. The Commission has been vested with authority to prevent monopoly abuse and to regulate and adjudicate on tariffs and related issues and also to act as a body to resolve or to set up machinery for speedy resolution of disputes between the licensees.


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Disclaimer: While every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information furnished in this website, CERC does not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss to any person for the result of any action taken on the basis of this information. However, CERC shall be obliged if errors/omissions are brought to its notice for carrying out corrections in the next update.